90 minute session...$125

Structural Bodywork through the lens of Structural Integration is posture-based, myofascial therapy. In this approach, your body is the roadmap that guides the way of our work together. This is a collaborative partnership between you and your practitioner, our goal is to bring more awareness to your body and to increase the options you have to move within. We often talk about the body as a number of different and individual parts acting alone but in fact, our systems work together. This work can help you integrate those parts to allow you to feel more like a whole rather than a collection of parts.

The Three Series is a great introduction to structural bodywork, and a way to start listening to your body as a whole.

Session One
Balancing the legs and pelvis while creating a sense of support from below.

Session Two
Balancing the shoulders on the ribcage and opening the breath.

Session Three
Balancing the shoulders and pelvis through ease in the spine.

You are an active Participant! While we work, you will provide movement to help your tissues change.

Body reading and movement assessments will occur at the beginning and throughout your sessions.

Please wear something that allows me as much access to your tissue as possible; preferably briefs, workout shorts, and a bra or sports bra if applicable.

Some work will be done on a treatment table, some will be done seated on a bench.

Please avoid applying lotion or oil the day of your session as this work is most effective without.

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